Monday, March 26, 2007

Birds singing, Robins appearing on your lawn, calves and foals being born, the greening of lawns and pastures, trees bursting into flower - yes, all the telltale signs of Spring. However, the most prevalent and best sign that Spring has sprung - the first trip to the hospital for those "project" injuries. So I can say for sure that Spring has arrived in SW Idaho:

So, Marc (my brother) fearless yard worker that he is decided to trim the huge old Willow in his backyard, but that is not a job for the weak at heart. The old tree does not give up its limbs casually and generally inflicts damage on the doer of deeds. Of course, when one decides to JUMP off the ladder instead of climbing down it ....

So a broken arm and tweaked tendons in the knee. That's okay. The fearless yard warrior will be back at it again in 4-6 weeks.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Name that filly contest - just add a name you would like for the filly to the comments section of the blog and then we will vote on the ones we like the best. The winner gets the candy bar/candy of their choice.
Please get the kids to add names as well!
Contest will run one week from today - so ends March 30th!
It's a girl for Tinkerbell. Mama did a wonderful job this morning and had a huge baby girl. Tinks is eating some good hay and baby is trying to fall asleep standing up when I left them. Tinks has some cramping (you did all notice the size of that baby right) and baby has pooped so all is well.

Pictures were taken just as it was getting light out thanks to the wonderful new daylight savings time crap. But I had to get kids to school and me off to work.

If this shows up twice blame google. They seem to have lost my original post.