Saturday, June 02, 2007

My driveway and parts thereof. This is just so that I can prove to my grandchildren to be that something other than the weeds and dirt that their parents remember as my yard grew here.

The driveway rosesbush - has been here since I moved in. Just has gotten much bigger.

The wellhouse honeysuckle. This little baby has now made it 3 years under my tender touch.

The original rosebush and friends. This rosebush lived right next to my front door. After many years of the dogs digging it up to sleep under it and yet perservering I decided to transplant it last summer. Looks like it thinks the move was just dandy.

This is just cute. This kids' watering can under the trumpet vine.

Roses gone wild! When I lived in Washington I thought people that grew roses were of a special breed - not only green thumbs but green blood running through their veins. Now I have discovered that like always it is location location location. Here in SW Idaho they grow and grow and grow. Some seem to think they are going to take over. Which is fine by me since my yard seems to be either roses or weeds.