Monday, July 23, 2007

Sarita's birthday party - the aftermath

Sarita's 11th birthday. She loves a party especially ones where she gets the gifts.

Sarita's birthday cake

the kids and grandma - she can handle them

Sarita making a wish

Kids all helping cut the cake which means they are telling her which piece they want

me (rebecca) with most the kids
Sarita and Katelynn ..

Marc (off to side), Shane, Sarita, Katelynn, Dallas ..

Think Uncle Marc is a High School Musical fan?

Sarita is ...

Shane loves the ice cream

Thursday, July 12, 2007

TA -travel approval- received today to travel to China to pick up Callista (Fang). we will probably get our CA date confirmation early next week so can come up with a real schedule at that point.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Hmmm what to do on a hot day? What to do?

Check out the players:

And see below for the results ....

Swim Lessons for Sarita basically involve playing in the pool for 30 minutes. She already knows how to swim and quite well. A big difference from her first summer here where she loved going in the water but was scared to death at the same time. I think I spent two months with her attached to me at various body points that first summer.

Then she started swim lessons. Levels 1-3 the first year. Level 4-5 the next. Then she took level 5 again this year. Level 5 is the level where we all know the kids know how to swim but they want an excuse to swim every day for two weeks. So they teach them different swim competition strokes - breast, overhead crawl, butterfly, etc etc. Also, they teach them how to dive. I will say that Sarita definitely got the dive down and she could put half a pool length between herself and the other memebers of her class with the crawl. But she was beating herself up because she just could not figure out the butterfly. But voila! her instructor told her she knows it she just needs to practice. Now what kind of stupid thing is that to tell a kid? I mean now she wants to go to the pool every day. No, not to have fun but because she needs to practice. Yeah right.

The fourth of July 2007 - let's recap. Since my mom's birthday is the 3rd of july we tend to celebrate both events at the same time. This year we did something a bit different - at least for me. My brother wanted all the kids there for fireworks so instead of going earlier in the day so I could get back and feed the horses we went later and I fed the horses first. The day was supposed to hit about 105 degrees.

We got to my brother's house by 7pm after picking up Dakota, Dallas, and friend Austin en route. Had barbecue and the kids (even Nathan) played in the pool that all of them except Nathan are outgrowing. It is still big enough for some fun though and all the girls spent most of their time there while the boys spent their time on the trampoline. Nathan had a grand time in the pool and made everyone happy (hee hee hee) by insisting on being naked after going poop after dinner (yes, I cleaned his bottom very well). He spent another 45 minutes naked in that pool with Katelynn. We are all used to him getting naked and running around but Shane and Katelynn were a bit taken aback at first then got used to it.

Best time - my brother Marc brought out the big guns - super soaker!! Nathan loved loved loved it. He ran around squirting everyone. Then Marc got out his. He really sokaed everyone and Nathan did not like it one bit when he kept getting him wet! How dare he??!! So, of course, mom had to help poor little Nathan out by advising him to sneak up on Marc when he was busy trying to soak the other boys. Now picture this: Marc is squatting down under the trampoline and aiming up from the bottom to catch those boys as they jumped, Nathan sneaks right up behind him, aims, shoots, and soaks Marc's bottom with one mighty pull of the trigger. Marc reacted quite well. Nathan ran and hid laughing uproariously.

Then I had to have the super soaker fight with Dakota since he was picking on Nathan. Nathan thought that was hysterical too. So did my mom and sil, Vera. I got, well, soaked. But I got Dakota even wetter because he used up all his water before I did!

Then the fireworks. As per Sarita - the best 4th ever! Marc had a lot of fireworks as did his neighbors. Then the parks started lighting up theirs and you could see them all just sitting in Marc's front yard. Then there were the many "illegal" areial fireworks going up here there and everywhere. You so cannot ban fireworks in Idaho. People love their fireworks here. Fortunately, I do not believe fires were started so it all turned out ok. I must say there is a lot of smoke on those streets when everyone gets done though.

We got home by midnight and had the kids in bed and passed out by 12:30. So hate having the 4th on a wednesday. Had to get up and go to work the next day - ththpppphhh!!

Oh and I believe that my mom has now convinced Nathan that everyone in the USA celebrates her birthday in a big way.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Adding to the menagerie. The neighbor's new little pygmy goat decided she liked hanging with my horses instead of theirs. So now she has moved in and made herself quite at home. So far the dogs are a bit confused by the bounding like a springbok but the horses seem to take her in stride.

BTW - she has moved in with Chance (my stallion). She likes to sleep in his paddock. I think he thinks we gave him a new pet.