Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Puppies and kids - they will always upstage any grand actor and totally mess up any plans for the perfect portrait. In this case the puppies were just fine after we had wrangled them into postion but Nathan was having nothing to do with smiling while that sun was in his eyes.

Puppy love! And those buggers are only 4.5 weeks old here.

Nathan has decided that he wants a babysitter. Well one babysitter in particular. His name is Teddy and he has four hooves, one blind eye, a big hairy coat and a very calm disposition.

Note: And please refrain from the OMG he is not wearing a helmet comments. We can save those for another day.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Gratuitous puppy cuteness here because you just cannot have enough pictures of puppies.

Puppies weeble wobbling.

Puppy surfing - on the move.

Am I getting any where? And check out the eyes open! Not that they can see a darn tootin'!

Well that was enough for any puppy. Nope not trying for the great escape. She just found a good headrest.

I just cannot keep this boy out of the closet. Nathan spends a lot of time in there. He runs into my room and announces "keep the door closed" then kicks Montana out (which is not hard after she has been locked up in there all day) and moves in with the puppies. I just have not had the heart to tell him that in about two more weeks he will become a puppy toy. Not that I think he will mind.

Two weeks old!!! Nathan has decided he likes puppy cuddling. Good thing he is very careful with them. Of course, there was that time I went in there and he was holding one little puppy and trying to get it to dance. Hmmm. S'okay - puppy did not complain but mommy did explain what is good handling and petting vs not so good with itty bitty puppies. Ok - not so itty bitty puppies.

Nathan's first day at preschool! He gets to take the bus from daycare like a big boy!

Snack of champions - rice crispy treats! All ready to go.

You are all welcome to overlook the dirty windowsill and walls. Can you guess which window the dogs hand out by??

His backpack is almost as big as hium but the school insisted that their folders would only fit in the regualr size backpacks. Fortunately, they do not plan on wieighing him down.