Monday, March 24, 2008

Last year we went to grandma's for Easter. So there was an Easter basket for Nathan but no real easter egg hunt. We did color eggs and had some fun with that at home but again the concept of Easter was pretty much an unknown for him.

This year we went on the great Easter Egg Hunt. Since we do live in a small town and the hunt was not far from home there were many neighbors and friends to be found. Hundreds of kids and thousands of eggs. Callista went off with friends from school and joined the third and fourth graders in their section. Sarita decided to stay with Nathan and help him out. Good thing too because we all know Nathan. He would be out there studying one of the eggs and trying to put it back together in a field of thousands more. Meanwhile little kids would be scampering here and there picking up colorful eggs by the basketful. Big sis Sarita took him in hand and helped maintain a sense of purpose.

At the starting line waiting for the Easter Bunny to say GO:

And they are off! Check out the kid way out front. Nathan and Sarita were much more sedate:

On the move, picking up them eggs:

Note Sarita's hand on his jacket to keep Nathan in forward motion:

Check out the goodies! They recycle all the plastic eggs for the next year so you get to dump out all your goodies into your basket and then put the eggs in these tubs. Some of the eggs had little tickets that you could win stuff with. Nathan won a chocolate bunny and some more candy. Sarita got the pop he won.

Here comes Peter Cottontail...Hopping down the .. c'mon everyone - Sing with me!! Easter has arrived early but beautifully. This year I decided to be an involved parent and actually DO something fun with the kids. I was going to take them to the park in Emmett for the big Easter Egg Hunt in the park there but voila! they have one 2 minutes from my home in Letha.

The kids are up and dressed. The sun was coming out although it was a cozy 28 degrees when I was out feeding the horses at 7am. The hunt was at 10 am so it actually got warm by the time those kids were greeting the Easter bunny!

And here comes the Easter Bunny with Sparky the firedog! Nothing like having the Easter Bunny as a hitchhiker:

Callista found some friends and then discovered the Easter Bunny:

Wow, mom - trick or treat? Nope, honey this is the Easter Bunny! It's all candy so it's good!:

How many friends can a little girl from China already accumulate... Let's see there is Brittany and Kaylin and Bren and ....

I believe that Callista may not have understood what all was going on but she liked getting candy and playing with her friends. Maybe next year she will understand the whole concept of Easter a bit more. She does understand the concept of getting candy by picking up little eggs out in a park pretty well for a newbie :).

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring is in the air! Another cycle of life is beginning - really it is. So check out the pictures.

Tishka's first foal in 4 years is a beautiful bay colt:

Colt is going to get named Trouble with A Capital T - trying to kick at mom (he is one day old here):

Nice blaze and oops did someone eat something yukky?

Ruby gave us one dang gorgeous filly one week after Tishka's colt:

Already named her Katana: