Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bathroom upgrade!! It only took a couple years but now we are in the process of updating the older part of the house. So far one room has been entirely repainted and flooring taken up. But the main event was the bathroom. I truly missed my opportunity and should have entered it into a contest for ugliest bathroom. How could I not win with a weird window, delapidated drywall, a tarp covering part of the back wall, and a toilet that had seen better days in the 70s??!! Even worse - I did not take any before pictures. But I do have transition pictures.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Another late night conversation with a little imp that refuses to go to bed and sleep:

N: Mama?

Me: yyyeeeeesssss

N: My chinese name Wei Peng?

Me: yes it is

N: You can call me Wei Peng then?

Me: You want me to call you Wei Peng instead of Nathan?

N: Yes, mama

Me: Yes I can call you Wei Peng

N: (smiling) Oh goody mama. Thank you mama. You are so very kind.

Yes, that made me smile too.