Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Swim lessons! All the kids took swim lessons for two weeks. Callista started out in level 2 (very very basic) and after the first couple days (Sarita helped her out in her class or helped the teacher not sure which it was) she had lots of fun. In fact by the 2nd week when she finally figured out that swimming is easier once you take your feet off the bottom of the pool she took off!

Dallas was in level 4 and Sarita took level 5. For Dallas that meant being introduced to formal swim strokes. For Sarita that meant 30 minutes of fun in the pool. They really want her to join the swim team and I really so do not want to get up to have her at the pool by 7am!

Nathan took level 1. Last year he did not want to get his head wet. This year after the first week I took him to the pool with his swim ring, his goggles, and his little arm floats and he took off yelling "mama, look I swimming!" We have one month before the next set of lessons for both Callista and Nathan to improve their skills. The pool manager figures that once Nathan figures out that being splashed is not bad (oooo shades of Sarita's first year at the pool) that he will just be a little fish.

Callista did not get in any of these pictures. They are from the last day of swim lesssons which is just a fun day. My battery went dead when it was her turn. But never fear more pics will be coming!

Nathan with his instructor or as he told me "the big boy help me swim"

Nathan forging ahead on his own.

Sibling swim-ahh, look they still like each other.

Dallas down the slide at mach 3

Sarita went down so fast my camera barely caught it

This is what summer is all about! Fun times at the pool!

Dallas takes a dip

Sarita has a whale of a good time

Whoa will this ride last?

Apparently not - splash down!

I notice that I have been shamefully remiss in keeping my blog up to date recently. My only excuse(s) can be seen in the activites that have happened in the meantime.

First - Cherry Festival. I will not go into all the driving, running around, and OMG, we forgot the jazz shoes that went on in the two weeks leading up to Cherry Festival - not to mention the actual dance recital, the picture taking, the end of school activities, and so on. Shall we just go there?

Sarita has been dancing in ballet for 2 years. This is her first year in Jazz. I am sure you will be able to see the difference in costumes so I will not have to point it out to you :).

I would like to point out that Sarita did forget her pink tights. I did not notice until halfway through the performance. Her teacher did not notice at all. Thank god for tan legs.
Cherry Festival pandomonium - makes you want to be a dance teacher in a small town doesn't it?! No really. LOL

All that Jazz!

Sarita loves Jazz. Ballet is harder for her - more challenging. This is just fun.