Friday, May 18, 2007

Little brother's are so sweet. A rose in appreciation of his big sister's performance.

Whoops - not so fast there. Off he goes giggling like mad..

Awww - now there's the sweet moment:

More ballet pics with friends...

Spring is in the air. School is almost out. Days are longer and warmer. Kids are running amuck here and there and have all of a sudden developed selective deafness and unexplainable memory lapses (homework?? chores?? where are those dang shoes??).

Parents are being driven crazy running here and there for all the final dance practices and recitals (clogging and ballet). No time to get anything done at home and lucky to get there by 9:30pm when the kids are supposed to be in bed by 9pm. So is it worth the hassle, the frazzled nerves, the dirty dishes .... hell yes!! Check out the beautiful ballerina in the production of "Neverland Dance" - she was one of the mermaids in Neverland.

A little white fog action:

A little pose with her rose afterwards:

Monday, May 14, 2007

2nd Mother's Day Gift. Li'l Miss Majik gave birth to a very scrunched up little filly at 6:30 am - feeding time.

I have been worried about this little mare because she got very run down this last Winter. My only horse that did. I was afraid to feed her up because the mares have been having such huge babies and if you can call any of my horses refined it is her. So I have been waiting with fingers crossed and she did fabulously. The filly has been nursing almost non stop since hitting the ground so I think making up for some lost time in utero. Mama mare is happily esconced in a large stall where she is eating to her heart's content and then a little extra just to make me happy (I am sure).

Of course, I will not be truly happy until both are about a month down the road and looking fabulous.

Mother's Day Art. Submitted by the inestimable Miss Sarita for her mama's lovely Mother's Day.

Mommy & Me & Montana and the Monkey (Nathan) -Gotta love the sisterly love in her description of her little brother. Sarita told me she drew herself sitting on a rock so she could be as tall as me in the picture.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Night and Day - that's what it seems like. Two weeks ago I dealt with the birth and death of a lovely black filly that hit me hard. Well sometimes life gives you a little something to offset the bad things that happen. Yesterday a lovely big buckskin filly was added to the Farm. She is the light to banish the dark (of course, Freckles has been doing a very decent job of keeping me in smiles as well).

Bailey did an excellent job and is a wonderful mother.This filly is huge. Very active. Long long legs with plenty of bone. Has already figured out the whole duck my head and get up to the milk thing. Bailey gave no indications she was ready to foal although I have been watching her for the last week and a half. She ate like a, well, horse yesterday morning. No pacing. No sweating. Just one lovely filly.

Hiding under mom:

Still shy (notice the buckskin shading on shoulders and neck):

Freckles finally has a friend. Notice the size of the six week old vs the one day old:

Happy babies:

Nathaniel has again discovered why we have dogs. He was hanging in the bathroom going "poop, mom" which can take him some 20 minutes when he has toys as well. But all of a sudden he jumps off the toilet (not an easy feat for a child barely 36 inches high and using a stool to keep his feet on. However, he did have naked bottom so no pants to get in his way) and grabs Molly (blonde standard poodle love hound) and starts pulling her into the bathroom and closing the door. Being all mom and no slacker in the potty department I ask -

"all done?"

"No mom - going poop!"

Door closes.

Approximately 4 minutes later door opens.

"mom, mom all done poop- look".

Now thank god he was not actually telling me to look at his poop (although that has happened and he has rightfully been quite proud of some of his potty accomplishments) but to look at Molly. Again he is holding her neck and she peers out the door and something - hmmm, something looks a little different. What is it?Oh, yeah, the dog is wearing my reading glasses.

What have we learned from this little story? That apparently Nathaniel has ways of entertaining himself while going potty that we as adults have long forgotten? That I should not leave my glasses on the back of the toilet (hec if I know what they were doing there or if I would have ever found them myself anyway)?

No, I learned that the dang dog looks good in my glasses.