Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Puppies are one week old today! Growing like corn! Well I could not think of anything else that grows real fast off the top of my head. Montana is a spoiled rotten mama that gets fed all kinds of goodies and has her own bedroom. Puppies are just starting to weeble wobble.

Friday, September 21, 2007


The never ending Spring at the farm. This mare certainly seemed to be in season this last May which would mean she would foal out next April.

No, she apparently had plans of her own.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Puppies born on Sept. 19, 2007. Four blacks and one blondie. The blondie is a girl. The blacks are boys and girls - I believe 2 of each. Very cute and Montana is mama excellent!

Oh and in case Montana looks rather comfy. She should. After all my preplanning and making of beds and having everything prepared she had her puppies on my bed when I slipped out to go to the bathroom (well her first one and then on from there since I just did not have the heart to move her). She has decided not to leave that spot since.

So, yes, I slept on the couch last night.

Nathan is a true blue farm boy. He has now witnessed the birth of puppies. He was sleeping and then some of the excitement woke him up. Big smiles even at 5:30 am.

Puppies being born does not phase this boy. I am not sure what he thought he was going to do with the remote but he sure had it clutched in his hand.

Very excited to help. Montana is such a good mommy. She does not mind when little people try to help out.

Puzzle of the day. I snapped these shots of Nathan at VIda's birthday party. What has so caught his attention?

Family picture - Nathan, Sarita, Grandpa and Callista - what is he looking at?

Sarita wants to know what he is looking at? You should be able to guess from the zoned out look on his face.

Ahhhh - that is what he is looking at. Video game-itis has struck again. I have lost him at such a young age. Only 4 and he can handle a controller like a pro.

What??!! Were you talking to me? About me?

Aunt Vida's birthday. Sshhh! we cannot tell you how old she is. But can say she is still young enough to enjoy surprise birthday cake and the attentions of one little nephew who wanted to take over the blowing out of the candles. Thank goodness Aunt Vida likes to share.

The ever mysterious Elvira Morris comes out of picture taking hiding for her birthday.

That looks to be a cute card. Katelynn could probably read it to you since was helping her mom read it.

No that is not a little old midget grandpa man. That is little Nathan helping his Aunt Vida find the cake cutter. You can blame grandma for the hairdo.

Aunt Vida very nicely sharing the limelight and the candles.

Happy Birthday Vida!!!

Cute kids and this is where I like them. Much easier to keep track of.

I know you are all wondering how my kids entertain themselves since we live out here in the boonies. I thought I would share with you some pictures as to how kids grow and develop their self-entertainment skills here in Idaho.

So many fun things to do. At least I have not had to worry about the trouble they get into yet. You will notice that I have not posted a lot of pictures with the horses yet. That is because Callista loves to take Nathan in with the horses and I run around after them telling them to be careful, don't walk behind the horses, don't step there, no don't try that, no no no. Too busy to take pictures at that point.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Present time. The important part. Ok for Nathan blowing out the candles was the important part. Gotta love a 4 yo.

Big soft cuddly dog. Bigger than Nathan. He loves sleeping on it.

Umm, grandpa, Uncle Marc - that's my toy. Can I have my gun. Please. Really it is my toy.

Ahhh -a gun. Now what do I do with it?

The gun was actually so hard to cock back that Nathan would press it against his chest to get it done. Felt sorry for the little guy but he would have no help! Thank god his daycare didn't ask about any strange brusies on his little chest.

Oh and the kids had a grand time when Nathan shot a dart on to grandma's fan blade. They all took turns trying to shoot it off. Nathan got the closest - ROFL!

Nathan's birthday is actually August 5th and my brother's is Aug 9th. We decided to throw a belated party for them both. Ok so it was more Nathan's party but Marc got some cake too and his name on it. Nathan just likes to blow out the candles.

Sharing candle blowing time

Spongebob - I want spongebob. Don't care about the cake at this moment.

had to blow them out again all by himself.

The family is all there but , hey, check it out a spongebob cake! Nathan Nathan - you need to look at mama while she is taking the picture. Nathan - oh well, never mind.

This is what happens when you come home from China with a new daughter, start school for everyone, get your youngest into Preschool, have doctors' appts for the newest one plus IEP meetings, and dental appts. Yes, you shave your dog down and discover that she is quite pregant not just fat.

The kids are thinking we need to keep another puppy or two from this litter. Oh so funny those kids. I keep telling them 6 is enough.

How a fire starts by lightening in the Idaho hills. This was started by a very fast moving storm. Lightening is pretty cool here but the breeze took the fire to 2000 acres in no time.

You can see how breezy it is from the cool hair styles.

The fire is just on the hill on the other side of our little valley. Just means more smoke for us.

Bubble bath - Nathan style

Yes, we were using his bubble machine. It was sitting on the toilet and facing the bathtub. Nathan thought that was just the bestest.