Sunday, June 14, 2009

Communication - the heart of all families. The following two conversations were overheard between my two 12 yo girls.

S: I want to go see 17 again. Do you want to see it?

C: I have not seen it yet.

S: I know that's why I am asking.

C: But I have not seen 17 yet

S: No 17 again

C: But I have not seen it first time.

S: (laughing) no the movie is called (Speaking slowly) 17 again.

C: Oh. Yes I want to see it

and in the same vein here is another conversation. Sarita was setting up Callista's email account on Yahoo so Callista could email her friends during the summer.

C: Did you set up my mail?

S: Yep all done

C: What is my password

S: Your password is secret.

C: (pauses here to think) I know but what is it?

S: It is secret.

C: (getting kind of riled) But I should know it - it is my password.

S: (getting it now) Callista, your password is secret - S E C R E T

C: Oh. Ok.

Ahhh - and I wonder how they get into fights. Perhaps I should marvel at how well they do get along.

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