Monday, June 15, 2009

How to embarrass a 14yo boy? Just have an unexpected birthday party when he thinks he has slipped under the radar and skipped out on it. Just "chillin" with his friends - HA! My job as his aunt is to make sure that never happens.

So I show up with cake, cards, and cousins in tow to make sure that he knows his family loves him.

Check out the nonchalant attitude - cuz he is too cool for birthdays

OOo- not so cool now. This is cause for celebration. Look- almost a smile even.

His friends liked the cake. And almost another smile there too.

Mission accomplished. Doubly so because apparently I embarrassed my almost 13yo daughter when I asked one young lad (with an immensely studded - lots and lots and lots and lots- jean jacket) if they were a protective barrier against anyone from his family giving him a hug. OMG - How could I say that in front of all those cute guys??? Because, dang it, that is my job. And my joy.

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cristy said...

LOVE it - good job auntie!