Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nathan is getting a new sister. Actually all my kids are getting a new sister but this is especially important to Nathan. Nathan's requirements for "his" family were 1 new sister and 2 brothers. Now that is not going to happen unless (1) I win the lottery and/or (2) by some other miracle I meet a man, marry him and he has some of his own kids. So in lieu of that I was working on getting Nathan a younger brother. Younger because Nathan himself is so small for his age (and I am not allowed to go back to China to find one) and Nathan wants someone his size to fight (ahem, I mean play) with.

But as with building a biological family the next kid always seems to have a mind/gender of their own. So a girl it is. A sister. Nathan was quite happy to add a sister but upon seeing her picture and realizing she is a GIRL he immediately turned to me and said "she is okay but I need brother FIRST". I explained to him how we don't always get to pick boy or girl. Families grow in their own particular ways. In this case a girl will come first. He pondered on that. Yes, Nathan does ponder. He said "ok but I will need two puppies then" (referring to Junior the mini doxie).

I can tell my family is definitely going to grow in interesting ways.

But, hey, at least for the moment they are the same size.

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cristy said...

I love this photo...too cute!