Sunday, June 21, 2009

For scenes of some dance action from the girls' performances at the Cherry Festival click on the smilebox. Turn on your sound tho before you start it. Oh,and after it opens in its new window you will need to hit the little (arrow)play button again to start the show. I, of course, just sat there waiting for something to happen by magic. Doesn't seem to work that way. :)

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Monday, June 15, 2009

How to embarrass a 14yo boy? Just have an unexpected birthday party when he thinks he has slipped under the radar and skipped out on it. Just "chillin" with his friends - HA! My job as his aunt is to make sure that never happens.

So I show up with cake, cards, and cousins in tow to make sure that he knows his family loves him.

Check out the nonchalant attitude - cuz he is too cool for birthdays

OOo- not so cool now. This is cause for celebration. Look- almost a smile even.

His friends liked the cake. And almost another smile there too.

Mission accomplished. Doubly so because apparently I embarrassed my almost 13yo daughter when I asked one young lad (with an immensely studded - lots and lots and lots and lots- jean jacket) if they were a protective barrier against anyone from his family giving him a hug. OMG - How could I say that in front of all those cute guys??? Because, dang it, that is my job. And my joy.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nathan is getting a new sister. Actually all my kids are getting a new sister but this is especially important to Nathan. Nathan's requirements for "his" family were 1 new sister and 2 brothers. Now that is not going to happen unless (1) I win the lottery and/or (2) by some other miracle I meet a man, marry him and he has some of his own kids. So in lieu of that I was working on getting Nathan a younger brother. Younger because Nathan himself is so small for his age (and I am not allowed to go back to China to find one) and Nathan wants someone his size to fight (ahem, I mean play) with.

But as with building a biological family the next kid always seems to have a mind/gender of their own. So a girl it is. A sister. Nathan was quite happy to add a sister but upon seeing her picture and realizing she is a GIRL he immediately turned to me and said "she is okay but I need brother FIRST". I explained to him how we don't always get to pick boy or girl. Families grow in their own particular ways. In this case a girl will come first. He pondered on that. Yes, Nathan does ponder. He said "ok but I will need two puppies then" (referring to Junior the mini doxie).

I can tell my family is definitely going to grow in interesting ways.

But, hey, at least for the moment they are the same size.

Communication - the heart of all families. The following two conversations were overheard between my two 12 yo girls.

S: I want to go see 17 again. Do you want to see it?

C: I have not seen it yet.

S: I know that's why I am asking.

C: But I have not seen 17 yet

S: No 17 again

C: But I have not seen it first time.

S: (laughing) no the movie is called (Speaking slowly) 17 again.

C: Oh. Yes I want to see it

and in the same vein here is another conversation. Sarita was setting up Callista's email account on Yahoo so Callista could email her friends during the summer.

C: Did you set up my mail?

S: Yep all done

C: What is my password

S: Your password is secret.

C: (pauses here to think) I know but what is it?

S: It is secret.

C: (getting kind of riled) But I should know it - it is my password.

S: (getting it now) Callista, your password is secret - S E C R E T

C: Oh. Ok.

Ahhh - and I wonder how they get into fights. Perhaps I should marvel at how well they do get along.